Our team always celebrates when we get a 5-star review. We also get curious: who is the person who took the time to share their Colugo experience? So, we decided to reach out and highlight some of our 5-Star Reviewers.

Next up: Jada Gippert 

Jada’s 5-Star Review of the Carrier :

Awesome carrier!

Love this and baby does too! More comfortable than others I’ve owned. The Fanny pack is so handy!

We love our Colugo carrier! 

Q & A with Jada 

Name: Jada Gippert

City: Maple Falls, WA

Instagram: @jada.gippert 

What is your favorite thing about the Carrier and why? My favorite thing about the Colugo carrier is how versatile it is! Baby loves to be facing out most of the time, but I can put her on my back if we’re outdoors walking longer distances.

How did you find out about Colugo? I found Colugo on Facebook.

What is your #1 parenting tip? My #1 piece of parenting advice is to be present with your children. They change and grow up so fast! Whatever phase they’re in only lasts a moment it seems.