The Compact Comfort Set



Color: Lavendar

Limited Edition

Change up your look and freshen up their ride with an easily swappable Comfort Layer and Canopy. Fully machine washable because you don’t have time to hand wash.

Cool Grey comes with an air mesh Comfort Layer.

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Frequently asked questions

Does the Compact Stroller come with a Comfort Set included?

Yes! Your Compact Stroller comes with a Canopy and Comfort Layer. You can also purchase an additional Comfort Set if you’d like to change up your look or have a backup for laundry day.

Are the Comfort Sets interchangeable?

Absolutely! You can take off your Canopy and Comfort Layer and replace them with another colorway to totally customize and change up your look.

Product Details

Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Materials: 100% polyester main fabric and lining.

Note: Cool Grey Comfort Set comes with an air mesh Comfort Layer

Easy cleaning: Machine washable Comfort Layer.