The Comfort Layer


Color: Lavendar

Freshen up their ride with an easily swappable Comfort Layer. Fully machine washable because parents don’t have time to hand wash.

Product Details

Weight: 0.5 lbs.

Materials: 100% polyester main fabric & lining


There’s nothing stopping you

One in the wash, one on the stroller

One in the wash, one on the stroller

Having two sets means that you are always ready to roll, even if you haven’t cleaned up yesterday’s mess.

Stroll in style

Stroll in style

5 different color options means you can mix and match, but always in colors and prints that an adult would want to be seen in.

Waterproof and easily wipeable

Waterproof and easily wipeable

Made for easy cleaning (yes, it’s machine washable) because there will be spills. And by spills we mean blowouts.

The Perfect Bundle

Stroller product


Compact Stroller

The Perfect Bundle

Diaper Backpack product

Diaper Backpack

Comfort Layer

Comfort Layer product

We understand exactly what you need to get out and about without thinking twice. Meet the essentials—the compact stroller, diaper bag, and two comfort layers (one for washing, one for using).

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