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We design our products to help you feel confident taking on the adventure of parenthood.

Our Process

We respond to your biggest pain points by creating high quality products for a fair price, designing a great customer experience, and building thoughtfully designed, easy-to-use products.

How do we do it?

By doing the research for you. We pull from the experience of parents on our team, hours of shadowing parents in action, and thousands of interactions with customers. This means both peace of mind and more time to spend on the 100s of other things that go into being a parent.

Our Story

Ted and Christy find out that they are expecting twins!  They are so excited and so relieved when they confirm that they can (barely) fit two cribs in the spare bedroom of their new home.


Ted starts business school at Wharton.  Ted and Christy head to a big-box baby store for the first time, full of anticipation.  They leave defeated after facing overwhelming choices that weren’t quite right, high price tags, and brands that didn’t seem to get it.  Ted’s left thinking: “There has to be a better way!”


Fritz and Lark are born on February 9th at 11:12pm and 11:15pm.  Ted and Christy are immediately smitten.  Two weeks later, they try to take the babies on their first stroller ride, but they give up before they make it down the block because their stroller can’t make tight turns or handle the bumpy sidewalk.  Ted’s baby gear research picks up speed.


Impromptu playground focus groups confirm that Ted isn’t the only parent frustrated by the limitations of existing baby gear and brands that feel out of touch.  Ted decides to build the company that he wished existed.  The first step?  So many hours of research to ensure that he’s on the right track.


Ted officially starts the company and brings on designers and manufacturers to develop a simple, high-quality stroller and carrier with features parents actually need.  Beta-testers (Fritz, Lark and their neighborhood pals) confirm that he’s on to something.  


Colugo launches!  Ted and the Colugo team are ready to roll.  Each time they see a Colugo “in the wild,” they cheer.  And, they’re just getting started.


Rob, Colugo’s Head of Product, creates an innovative stroller console that is also a fashion moment with the launch of the On-The-Go-Organizer.  His eye for design continues to delight while making parents’  lives easier.


Colugo launches a limited edition Pride Stroller with all proceeds donated to the Family Equality Council.  The Colugo team is excited to support a cause they believe in and thrilled when the stroller sells out.


Colugo reaches its terrible twos (but it’s okay because as any parent knows, it’s the 3s that are the real gauntlet).  The Colugo team has grown since launch (including three new babies!) and is even more committed to making parents’ lives easier through new products and a more connected community.




It’s never been just about the strollers.

Our mission is to give you confidence in parenting situations that can feel overwhelming – a solo trip with a toddler, baby’s first stroller ride, or making it to bedtime after a long day (tip: our carrier is a life-saver during ‘witching hour’).

Parenthood can be hard, but the right gear and a community that’s got your back can make things easier.

We’re here for you, every step of the way

We talk with parents like you every day so we can better address and anticipate their needs. Did you know that our customer service team is made up of parents who know and use our products and are ready to cheer you on through the ups and downs of parenthood?

Get out and Go!

So...what is a Colugo anyway?

Finding the perfect brand name is a process, and Ted went through quite a few before landing on Colugo (make us an offer for He wanted to create a company that would bring parents together as a community (“Co”) and inspire them to get out and go take on the adventure of parenthood (“Go!”).

When he discovered the Colugo, an animal that can soar long distances and whose mothers create baby carriers out of their wings, he knew he’d found his name. The rest, as they say, is history.

Colugo in the wild